EA Water Expo 2016
EA Water Expo 2016


  • Water Expo 2018

    Meet face-to-face with 8000 visitors and 150 exhibitors at the India's leading trade show for process, drinking and waste water.

    SRW INDIA WATER EXPO JAN 4-6 2018 – 3rd EDITION evolved over a period of time and, is the largest show with the maximum footfall, Contented Exhibitors and professional amalgamation make this the most prominent show in the International Water Exhibition Arena.

    SRW INDIA WATER EXPO JAN 4-6 2018 – 3rd EDITION connects you with engineers, scientists, managers, and government officials responsible for municipal and industrial wastewater collection and treatment systems, drinking water treatment, groundwater protection and remediation programs, storm water management, and surface water quality and ecology management.

    Your best sales opportunity of the year!

    SRW INDIA WATER EXPO JAN 4-6 2018 – 3rd EDITION continued to offer exhibitors more buyers than any other water exhibition in India, SRW INDIA WATER EXPO 2016 and 2017 was attended by more than 6000 water and wastewater professionals from water and wastewater Industry, especially from End-user industries like Chemical, Pharma, Leather, Sugar, Cement, Textile and so on……….

    Qualified buyers with the Power of Decision making Authorities

    SRW INDIA WATER EXPO attendees have the authority to make purchasing decisions. 89% of attendees have buying influence for purchases from various companies holding designations like Purchase head, Procurement managers, GMs, VPs, Directors, MDs, Partners and Owners who decide on purchase were present in SRW INDIA WATER EXPO 2016 and 2017 as well.

    Why SRW India Water Expo 3rd Edition?

    83% of all visitors to a trade show have the authority to purchase or is a decisive influence in the purchasing decision of the organization.

    72% of all visitors intend to make a purchase either at the trade show or in the near future.

    Major Players in the Water Industry of India are participating in this Event, paving the way and facilitating exchange of technologies, Joint ventures, stepping up trade etc.